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How long did it take you to hire your last candidate? The next generation of talent is here and accelerated hiring is the only way to stay afloat.

Stay on top of the hiring game with Instahiring, the fastest way to hire.

Did You Know?

1 %

Job seekers lose interest if the hiring process is too long!

1500 $

The average cost per hire for traditional hiring


The number of days quality talent is available in the market

Traditional Hiring vs Instahiring

This is what an Instahiring Experience looks like – a recruiting experience built on parallel processing. Where the steps are automated, the process is remote and data is reused to crunch the time to hire.

The Instahiring Experience

Imagine if your hiring processes worked like clockwork – with no lags, no waiting times, minimal manual intervention, where you’re armed with data to make the right decisions?

Welcome to the future. Have a seat.


How Instahiring Ready is Your Business?

You can now measure the efficiency of your process in a few simple steps with the “Instahiring Readiness” score and decide for yourself!

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!

-Peter Drucker

The Three Propellers of Instahiring

Take a deep dive into the cogwheels that make Instahiring what it is.


Long distance worries? No problem! Say goodbye to scheduling hassles with remote assessments that allow you to interact from anywhere across the world!


Why waste time doing the mundane when we can automate it for you? Experience exponentially faster, hassle-free hiring with best-in-class automation tools.    


Recycle your candidate database and scale up your hiring speed by curating a Qualified Warm Pool, which will allow you to access an updated repository of candidates you have already interviewed.

Curious to Know More?

Want to know more on how Instahiring works? We welcome curious minds here. Speak to the Instahiring advisors on how you can significantly accelerate your hiring process!



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