Answer the following questions and find out how close you are to hiring in hours, instead of months!

Q.1.In your organisation, where are new requisitions generally raised?

Q.2.Who raises/creates new requisitions?

Q.3.How is the requisition approval process conducted in your company?

Q.4.How is the JD built?

Q.5.Which channels do you generally source candidates from? Rank all the channels, with the most used channel ranked 6 and the least used channel ranked 1.

Channels 1 2 3 4 5 6
Job Boards
Careers page
Internal hiring

Q.6.How do you manage first interaction with candidates?

Q.7.How do you generally store/manage candidate profiles/resumes?

Q.8.How do you manage inbound candidates?

Q.9.How do you publish new openings to various sources?

Q.10.How do you generally shortlist candidates?

Q.11.How do you track candidates in the initial screening process?

Q.12.How do you schedule processes with candidates in the initial screening process?

Q.13.How do you manage candidate profiles?

Q.14.How do you evaluate/classify the resumes?

Q.15.How do you reuse profiles for future requisitions?

Q.16.Do you conduct pre-employment assessments?

Q.17.How do you conduct pre-employment assessments? Please check all the options applicable to you

Channels Mobile Computer Pen and paper
Campus and off-campus assessments for freshers
Shortlisted candidates are requsted to go to a test center to attend the assessment
Candidates come to our office for an assessment
Candidates attend the assessment at consultancy locations
Shortlisted candidates can attend assessments remotely at their convenience

Q.18.How are assessments in your organisation generally configured?

Q.19.How do candidates move through the different stages of assessments?

Q.20.How do Hiring Managers prefer interviewing candidates?

Q.21.How are candidates scheduled for interviews?

Q.22.Have you used any of these features of online interviews in your organization?

Q.23.How do you compare candidates before deciding to make an offer?

Q.24.How do you send out offers?

Q.25.How do you engage candidates during the hiring process?

Q.26.How early in the process do you begin verifying candidate credentials?

Q.27.Do you use learnings from past hires to improve the current hiring process?

Q.28.Do you leverage hiring analytics in your organization?

Q.29. Is reducing Time to Hire part of your KRA?

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