The Master Recruiter2.0 certification program is a 5-week, Talview certified course for recruiters, TA practitioners and HR professionals.
The Program provides participants with the skills and tools needed to hire in a new age of hiring we like to call 'Instahiring'.
It is a unique forum for individuals to connect with like-minded peers, influencers and leaders in the
field with informative online sessions and interactive offline events.

Why choose the Instahiring Master Recruiter certification program?

There a several recruitment courses available today, however the Instahiring Master Recruiter certification (IMR) program is unique tailor
made to address the challenges of a new era of recruitment. As part of the program you will receive

In-depth Learning

As a student of the Program, you will have exclusive access to content and online sessions curated just for you. The sessions will cover a wide range of topics about the tools, processes, and technology that you can leverage to hire better talent faster.

Mentorship by Industry Experts

If you have hit a roadblock, or are facing any challenge implementing what you learn within your organisation, we will connect you to leaders, consultants or HR experts who will guide you through the process.

Speaking Opportunities

Six top participants from every batch will be given opportunities to speak at the Instahiring Conclaves held around the world. Chosen participants will be able to share their experiences in implementing Instahiring skills and tools in their organisations.

Talview Certification

Talview is one of the pioneers and leaders in technology based hiring and is the second largest player globally in video-mobile recruitment technology space.It’s clients include major Engineering MNCs, leading Information Technology companies, Pharmaceutical Majors, global Non-profit Organizations and fast growth Early Stage companies.


All recruiters, TA professionals, and practitioners with a passion for recruitment and with a minimum of 2 years experience are welcome to register for the course.


Course Details

Duration: 5 weeks
Mode of Learning: Online & Offline sessions
Modules: 5
Course Assessment: Credit System
Note: Each learning item carries credit points. Participants must complete a minimum of 80% credit points,
along with submitting assessments & projects to be certified as a Instahiring Master Recruiter(IMR).

Course Schedule

week 1
Introduction & Module 1
Course Introduction

  1. Introduction & Program Guidelines (Video)
  2. What, Why & How of Instahiring & About Talview? (Video)

Module 1: Sourcing in the age of Instahiring

  • Outbound sourcing
  • Using job boards to attract the right talent pool
  • Leveraging social media to source effectively
  • Proactive/Strategic sourcing - building talent pipelines
  • Increasing relevant talent pools by using personalised recruitment marketing
  • How to use mobile recruiting to reduce time-to-hire
  • Effectively using referrals to hire candidates in an instant

Week 2
Screening in the Age of Instahiring
Module 2: Screening in the age of Instahiring
  • IVR Bots - how bots can help in your screening process
  • Writing JDs that attract the talent you are looking for
  • Leveraging AI-powered screening tools to shortlist the best candidates in an instant
  • Do you really need a chatbot in Talent Acquisition?
Week 3
Candidate Assessments in the age of Instahiring
Module 3: Assessments in the age of Instahiring
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Assessing for the right candidate fit
  • How to make assessment data reuse-ready
  • Conducting assessments remotely - Proview
Week 4
Candidate Interviews in the age of Instahiring
Module 4:Candidate Interviews in the age of Instahiring
  • Evaluating candidates remotely using automated and live interviews
  • Using interviews to automate behavioral assessments
  • Conducting structured interviews
  • Profile updation/enrichment for reuse
Week 5
Leveraging Data & Warmpool in the age of Instahiring
  • Tracking metrics across the board
  • Using data to predict hiring
  • Harnessing Talent Supply Chains
  • Storing data for reuse

Mode of Learning

Online Webinars & Podcasts

As a participant in the program, you will have exclusive access to study material and online sessions curated just for you. The sessions will cover a wide range of topics about the tools, processes, and technology that you can leverage to hire better talent faster. In these sessions, you will get a chance to interact with the leaders with the experience in implementing and scaling up the change in organisations. You will also receive a monthly email digest that enlists the latest developments in Recruitment and HR Tech across the world. The digest will also feature case studies and conversations with pioneers and industry leaders that have put ideas to work.

Assignements & Projects

Equipped with all the knowledge about how you can significantly reduce your time to hire, this part of your coursework will assess your ability to implement the things you have learnt. You will be required to work on changes within your organization and present the impact of the changes you have brought in

Community Engagement/Workshop

You will have exclusive access to Talview’s Instahiring Conclave for emerging thought leaders, held in cities across the world. You will have the chance to connect with thought leaders, industry experts & other practitioners that are ushering in a new era of hiring. Some selected professionals will also get an opportunity to share their experiences. You can also organise workshops with your team that can help bring everyone onboard.

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